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People differ in the ways they act and think in different situations. This is a test to measure some of the ways in which you act and think. Read each statement and click on the appropriate circle below the question.

I plan tasks carefully.

I do things without thinking.

I make-up my mind quickly.

I am happy-go-lucky.

I don't pay attention.

I have 'racing' thoughts.

I plan trips well ahead of time.

I am self controlled.

I concentrate easily.

I save regularly.

I 'squirm' at plays or lectures.

I am a careful thinker.

I plan for job security.

I say things without thinking.

I like to think about complex problems.

I change jobs.

I act on impulse.

I get easily bored when solving thought problems.

I act on the spur of the moment.

I am a steady thinker.

I change residences.

I buy things on impulse.

I can only think about one thing at a time.

I change hobbies.

I spend or charge more than I earn.

I often have extraneous thoughts when thinking.

I am more interested in the present than the future.

I am restless at the theater or lectures.

I like puzzles.

I am future oriented.

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