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For each of the following statements, please indicate whether you agree with them.

Often, I don't spend enough time thinking over a situation before I act.

I try to avoid activities where you have to act without much time to think first.

I don't like to make decisions quickly, even simple decisions, such as choosing what to wear, or what to have for dinner.

I enjoy working out problems slowly and carefully.

I am good at taking advantage of unexpected opportunities,where you have to do something immediately or lose your chance.

I would enjoy working at a job that required me to make a lot of split-second decisions.

I often make up my mind without taking the time to consider the situation from all angles.

I have often missed out on opportunities because I couldn't make up my mind fast enough.

I often say and do things without considering the consequences.

I frequently make appointments without thinking about whether I will be able to keep them.

I am uncomfortable when l have to make up my mind rapidly.

I don't like to do things quickly, even when I am doing something that is not very difficult.

I frequently buy things without thinking about whether or not I can really afford them.

I am good at careful reasoning.

I like to take part in really fast-paced conversations, where you don't have much time to think before you speak.

I like sports and games in which you have to choose your next move very quickly.

Many times the plans I make don't work out because I haven‘t gone over them carefully enough in advance.

I often get into trouble because I don't think before I act.

Most of the time, I can put my thoughts into words very rapidly.

People have admired me because I can think quickly.

I will often say whatever comes into my head without thinking first.

Before making any important decision, I carefully weigh the pros and cons.

I rarely get involved in projects without first considering the potential problems.

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