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People often see some risk in situations that contain uncertainty about what the outcome or consequences will be and for which there is the possibility of negative consequences. However, riskiness is a very personal and intuitive notion, and we are interested in your gut level assessment of how risky each situation or behavior is.

For each of the following statements, please indicate how risky you perceive each situation. Provide a rating from Not at all risky to Extremely risky, using the following scale:
  • (1) Not at all risky
  • (2) Slightly risky
  • (3) Somewhat risky
  • (4) Moderately risky
  • (5) Risky
  • (6) Very risky
  • (7) Extremely risky

Drinking heavily at a social function.

Engaging in unprotected sex.

Driving a car without wearing a seat belt.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Sunbathing without sunscreen.

Walking home alone at night in an unsafe area of town.

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