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People often see some risk in situations that contain uncertainty about what the outcome or consequences will be and for which there is the possibility of negative consequences. However, riskiness is a very personal and intuitive notion, and we are interested in your assessment of how risky each situation or behavior is.

For each of the following statements, please indicate how risky you perceive each situation.

Admitting that your tastes are different from those of a friend.

Going camping in the wilderness.

Betting a day's income at the horse races.

Investing 10% of your annual income in a moderate growth diversified fund.

Drinking heavily at a social function.

Taking some questionable deductions on your income tax return.

Disagreeing with an authority figure on a major issue.

Betting a day's income at a high-stake poker game.

Having an affair with a married man/woman.

Passing off somebody else’s work as your own.

Going down a ski run that is beyond your ability.

Investing 5% of your annual income in a very speculative stock.

Going whitewater rafting at high water in the spring.

Betting a day's income on the outcome of a sporting event.

Engaging in unprotected sex.

Revealing a friend's secret to someone else.

Driving a car without wearing a seat belt.

Investing 10% of your annual income in a new business venture.

Taking a skydiving class.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Choosing a career that you truly enjoy over a more secure one.

Speaking your mind about an unpopular issue in a meeting at work.

Sunbathing without sunscreen.

Bungee jumping off a tall bridge.

Piloting a small plane.

Walking home alone at night in an unsafe area of town.

Moving to a city far away from your extended family.

Starting a new career in your mid-thirties.

Leaving your young children alone at home while running an errand.

Not returning a wallet you found that contains $200.

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