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For each of the following statements, please indicate the likelihood that you would engage in the described activity or behavior if you were to find yourself in that situation.

Provide a rating from Extremely unlikely to Extremely likely, using the following scale:
  • (1) Extremely unlikely
  • (2) Moderately unlikely
  • (3) Somewhat unlikely
  • (4) Not sure
  • (5) Somewhat likely
  • (6) Moderately likely
  • (7) Extremely likely

Admitting that your tastes are different from those of a friend.

Disagreeing with an authority figure on a major issue.

Choosing a career that you truly enjoy over a more secure one.

Speaking your mind about an unpopular issue in a meeting at work.

Moving to a city far away from your extended family.

Starting a new career in your mid-thirties.

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