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This inventory lists different attitudes or beliefs that people sometimes hold. Read each statement carefully and decide how much you agree or disagree with it.

For each of the statements, choose the number matching the answer that best describes how you think. Because people are different, there are no right or wrong answers.

To decide whether a given statement is typical of your way of looking at things, simply keep in mind what you are like most of the time.

In making your ratings, try to avoid the middle point of the scale, but rather indicate whether you usually disagree or agree with the statements about your own beliefs and attitudes.

I often think things around me are unsafe.

If I am not absolutely sure of something, I am bound to make a mistake.

Things should be perfect according to my own standards.

In order to be a worthwhile person, I must be perfect at everything I do.

When I see any opportunity to do so, I must act to prevent bad things from happening.

Even if harm is very unlikely, I should try to prevent it at any cost.

For me, having bad urges is as bad as actually carrying them out.

If I don't act when I foresee danger, then I am to blame for any consequences.

If I can't do something perfectly, I shouldn't do it at all.

I must work to my full potential at all times.

It is essential for me to consider all possible outcomes of a situation.

Even minor mistakes mean a job is not complete.

If I have aggressive thoughts or impulses about my loved ones, this means I may secretly want to hurt them.

I must be certain of my decisions.

In all kinds of daily situations, failing to prevent harm is just as bad as deliberately causing harm.

Avoiding serious problems (for example, illness or accidents) requires constant effort on my part.

For me, not preventing harm is as bad as causing harm.

I should be upset if I make a mistake.

I should make sure others are protected from any negative consequences of my decisions or actions.

For me, things are not right if they are not perfect.

Having nasty thoughts means I am a terrible person.

If I do not take extra precautions, I am more likely than others to have or cause a serious disaster.

In order to feel safe, I have to be as prepared as possible for anything that could go wrong.

I should not have bizarre or disgusting thoughts.

For me, making a mistake is as bad as failing completely.

It is essential for everything to be clear cut, even in minor matters.

Having a blasphemous thought is as sinful as committing a sacrilegious act.

I should be able to rid my mind of unwanted thoughts.

I am more likely than other people to accidentally cause harm to myself or to others.

Having bad thoughts means I am weird or abnormal.

I must be the best at things that are important to me.

Having an unwanted sexual thought or image means I really want to do it.

If my actions could have even a small effect on a potential misfortune, I am responsible for the outcome.

Even when I am careful, I often think that bad things will happen.

Having intrusive thoughts means I'm out of control.

Harmful events will happen unless I am very careful.

I must keep working at something until it's done exactly right.

Having violent thoughts means I will lose control and become violent.

To me, failing to prevent a disaster is as bad as causing it.

If I don't do a job perfectly, people won't respect me.

Even ordinary experiences in my life are full of risk.

Having a bad thought is morally no different than doing a bad deed.

No matter what I do, it won't be good enough.

If I don't control my thoughts, I'll be punished.

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