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In this questionnaire, you will be asked to describe how you typically think about negative experiences or problems. Please read the following statements and rate the extent to which they apply to you when you think about negative experiences or problems.

The same thoughts keep going through my mind again and again.

Thoughts intrude into my mind.

I can't stop dwelling on them.

I think about many problems without solving any of them.

I can't do anything else while thinking about my problems.

My thoughts repeat themselves.

Thoughts come to my mind without me wanting them to.

I get stuck on certain issues and can't move on.

I keep asking myself questions without finding an answer.

My thoughts prevent me from focusing on other things.

I keep thinking about the same issue all the time.

Thoughts just pop into my mind.

I feel driven to continue dwelling on the same issue.

My thoughts are not much help to me.

My thoughts take up all my attention.

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