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For each question, choose the answer that best describes your thoughts, feelings, and actions during the past 4 weeks, following the onset of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis in your area.

I am interested in things.

I get things done during the day.

Getting things started on my own is important to me.

I am interested in having new experiences.

I am interested in learning new things.

I put little effort into anything.

I approach life with intensity.

Seeing a job through to the end is important to me.

I spend time doing things that interest me.

Someone has to tell me what to do each day.

I am less concerned about my problems than I should be.

I have friends.

Getting together with friends is important to me.

When something good happens, I get excited.

I have an accurate understanding of my problems.

Getting things done during the day is important to me.

I have initiative.

I have motivation.

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