Name Type Cognitive Atlas Task
Simple Reaction Time experiment simple reaction time task
Local-Global Letter experiment global-local task
Raven's Matrices experiment Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices
Stim-Selective-Stop-Signal experiment stimulus selective stop signal task
Angling Risk Task - always Sunny experiment Angling Risk Task
Choice Reaction Time experiment None
Is It Equal? (Lightning Mode) game
Dot Pattern Expectancy experiment dot pattern expectancy task
Tower of London experiment Tower of London
Stroop experiment Stroop task
Willingness to Wait experiment willingness to wait task
Columbia Card Task Cold Version experiment Columbia Card Task
Motor-Selective-Stop-Signal experiment conditional stop signal task
Information Sampling Task experiment Information Sampling Task
Recent Probes experiment Sternberg Recent Probes
Probabilistic Selection Task experiment Probabilistic Selection Task
Add It Up! (Zen Mode) game
Shape Matching experiment word-picture matching task
Adaptive Bickel Titrator experiment Bickel Titrator
Adaptive N-Back experiment adaptive n-back task
Go-Nogo Task experiment go/no-go task
Bucket Game game
Attention Network Task experiment ANT task
Dietary Decision Task experiment Dietary Decisions Task
Directed Forgetting Experiment experiment Sternberg Directed Forgetting
Hierarchical Rule experiment hierarchical rule task
The three by two task experiment task switching (3x2)
Add It Up! (Lightning Mode) game
Kirby Task experiment temporal discounting task
N-Back experiment None
What's Missing? (Lightning Mode) game
Simon experiment Simon task
Spatial Span experiment spatial span test
Stop-Signal experiment stop signal task
Writing Task experiment writing task
Two-stage-decision-task experiment 2-stage decision task
What's Missing? (Zen Mode) game
Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire Survey survey Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire
Short Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SSRQ) Survey survey self regulation questionnaire
Is It Equal? (Zen Mode) game
Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale Survey survey Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale
Images Experiment (re) experiment stop signal task
FTP: Carsten-Lang Future Time Perspective Questionnaire Survey survey future time perspective questionnaire
Shift Task experiment Shift Task
Bridge Game game
L-Cat: The Stanford Leisure-Time Activity Categorical Item Survey survey Stanford Leisure-Time Activity Categorical Item (L-Cat)
Keep Track Experiment experiment keep-track task
Digit Span experiment digit span task
Discount Titrate: Intertemporal Choice experiment Delay Discounting Titration
Psychological Refractory Period Two Choices experiment psychological refractory period (PRP) paradigm
BIS-11: Barratt Impulsiveness Scale Survey survey Barratt Impulsiveness Scale
BIS/BAS (Behavioral Approach/Inhibition Systems) Survey survey behavioral approach/inhibition systems
Brief Self Control Scale Survey survey brief self control scale
I7: I-7 impulsiveness and venturesomeness questionnaire Survey survey I7 impulsiveness and venturesomeness questionnaire
Cognitive Reflection Task Survey survey Cognitive Reflection Test
Demographics Survey survey
Dospert: Domain Specific Risk Taking Survey survey DOSPERT
UPPS-P Impulsivity Scale Survey survey UPPS-P Impulsivity Scale
Ten-item Personality Inventory Survey survey ten item personality questionnaire
Dospert_rp: Domain Specific Risk Taking Survey survey DOSPERT
Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ) Survey survey emotional regulation task
Dospert_rt: Domain specific risk taking Survey survey DOSPERT
GRIT-S: Duckworth's Short Grit Scale Survey survey duckworth's short grit scale
Holt Laury Task Survey survey Holt and Laury Risk Titrator
MPQ: Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire - Control (vs impulsiveness) Scale Survey survey Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire
R18: Three factor eating questionnaire Survey survey Eating questionnaire
Theories of Willpower Scale Survey survey theories of willpower scale
Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire Survey survey treatment self-regulation questionnaire
Dickman: Dickman's Functional and Dysfunctional Impulsivity Survey survey Dickman Impulsivity Inventory
Columbia Card Task Hot Version Test experiment Columbia Card Task
Letter Memory experiment letter memory
SOC: Selection-Optimization-Compensation (SOC) questionnaire survey Selection-Optimization-Compensation (SOC) questionnaire
Test Task experiment simple reaction time task
Images Experiment 3 experiment network traversal task
Local-Global: Shape Stimuli experiment global-local task
Object Rating experiment stop signal task
Alcohol, Smoking and Drug Use survey
K6+ Survey survey
MAAS: Mindful Attention Awareness Scale Survey survey Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale
ZTPI: Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory survey zimbardo time perspective inventory
SOC: Selection-Optimization-Compensation questionnaire survey Selection-Optimization-Compensation (SOC) questionnaire
Number Line game
Images Experiment 2 experiment network traversal task
Images Experiment 1 experiment network traversal task
Rep Drift experiment stop signal task
Images Experiment experiment network traversal task